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WELCOME to our Fly fishing guiding company

Slovakia is fly fishing paradise in the heart of Europe. Thanks to the fact that Slovakian rivers are not so famous as Austrian, Italian, French or Slovenian ones they do not stand under huge fishing pressure.

Slovakia has the most national parks per square kilometre and due to this circumstance lot of still untouched river systems. This makes Slovakia truly great fly fishing destination for fly fishermen who enjoy pure nature.These facts are underline with the worlds highest productivity (insect-diversity and insect-quantity per m2) of Slovakian mountain rivers.

Our beautiful rivers produce good numbers of trophy grayling, brown trout, rainbow trout and other fish species.

SLOVAKIA - land of trophy graylings

Slovakian rivers are one of the best if not even the best grayling rivers in the world where you can regulary catch 50cm + grayling . Not only the size but also the beauty of Slovakian grayling is something unique for this blessed country in central Europe. Our graylings are very smart and love to rise for dry flies. Autumn months are the perfect time to target these river proffesors with small dun imitations when dun hatches can last for hours.

SLOVAKIA - land of trophy brown trouts

Wild brown trouts in Slovak mountain rivers grow to record sizes comparable to those in New Zealand, Patagonia or Iceland. Sight fly fishing for these magnificient fish with dry flies or small nymphs in untouched nature is possible with our fly fishing guiding company.

SLOVAKIA - land of trophy rainbow trouts

Huge Slovak rainbow trouts are frequently targeted for their enormous strenght and speed. Observing big rainbow trout elegantly rising to small dun can rise your adrenaline level in miliseconds. After you set the hook be prepared for the fight of your life.

SLOVAKIA-land of trophy chubs

Fly fishing with terrestrial fly imitations for trophy chub is exciting and challenging method during summer season. Sight fly fishing for these clever fish is one of the most difficult dry fly fishing technics and strategies. Hooking fish over 6 lb on small heavy coverd, jungle like streams on big draggon fly, hopper or spider imitation is an unforgatable expierence and can be very addictive. 

Diversity of Slovakian water systems: big mountain rivers, lakes, reservoirs, high mountain rivers, creeks or mountain lakes and their fish inhabitants - all what passionate fly fisherman can just think of is offered by Fly Fishing in Slovakia - Guiding company. 

We are looking forward to your visit !