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Fly fishing in Slovakia - River Treasures of Slovakia

Deep in Slovakian Mountains are hidden beautiful valleys with untouched river-systems, which hold wild brown trouts and majestic grayling. Guides from Flyfishing in Slovakia guiding company explored these hidden treasures to make sure their guests get the best fly fishing impressions possible.

Fly Fishing Grasshopper paradise - Slovakia 

Fly fishing in Slovakia on the mountain creek full of wild brown trouts which are hungry after grasshoppers.

Slovakia - Fly fishing on some excellent crystal clear mountain river a fly fishing guiding company presents some excellent Slovak mountain rivers in untouched nature inhabited by wild brown trouts and big graylings.


7 days Father and daughter fly fishing adventure in Slovakia. Visiting the best Slovak rivers with Fly fishing in Slovakia guiding company.

Slovakia - Fly fishing in Grayling Paradise 

Slavakia has some of the best grayling waters in the world. Slovak grayling is known for its strenght and fighting skills. You can catch some trophy graylings also on small mountain rivers in untouched nature.

Perfect Day - Fly fishing on one of world´s best mountain rivers 

Perfect fly fishing day : perfect river, perfect landscape, perfect water, perfect time, perfect water conditions, perfect fish activity. What more can a fly fisherman want?
This video was filmed in less than 3 hours : we caught about 40 fish, most of them were wild brown trouts, few graylings and one rainbow trout. After 3 hours all bateries were empty and sd card full. We continued fishing and ended the day after 8 hours with more than 100 fish in total.
Slovakia is truly fly fishing paradise and is worth of visiting by all fly fishermen who prefer untouched nature and wild fish.

Search for Trophy Grayling in Slovakia 

Searching and finding big grayling on hidden rivers of Slovakian back country. Clear, small mountain river produces huge grayling. They are not easy to catch, but the reward is an unforgettable once in a life time fly fishing experience.

Big Grayling on small dry fly in Slovakia 

Catching trophy grayling on small dry fly is the peak of almost every fly fisherman. Slovakia has perfect grayling rivers, where you have the possibility to try your luck and get one of these beauties.

Fly fishing for wild trout in Slovakia 

Exploring remote, untouched and unique rivers in the heart of Europe-Slovakia. Accompanying guides from in search for new fly fishing destinations in Slovakia.

Nice Brown Trout in Slovakian Back country

First try cast and catch of wild brown trout in untouched canyons of Slovak natural reserve.

Nice grayling on beautiful small river 

We visited our favorite grayling river, hidden in Slovakian mountains and tried to catch some nice grayling. After losing few big fish we were blessed with beautiful wild Slovak grayling.